Joseph Bunting

My great niece Ella has bunting for her room and although my great nephew Joseph has the jungle chums blanket that I made, he has to have bunting too so that he and his lovely big sis are the same.

S flag

S flag

Ella’s bunting is (of course!) pink and largely floral

Joseph Bunting

Joseph Bunting

But Joseph’s is all the primary colours, checks and spots. I love both equally.

I think his nursery decor is quite simple so it should fit in and hopefully last him quite a while.

hanging bunting

hanging bunting

I have been banned from buying more fabric since my stash is slightly unmanageable at the moment but it is amazing what I find that I forgot that I had!!

I’m not getting much sewing done at the moment anyway so I shouldn’t buy any more until I have worked my way through what I have.

Joseph Bunting

Joseph Bunting

I think I might have to get on with Christmas bunting next though as the weeks are flying by and the season is creeping upon us.

I haven’t even started some of the things I need to make as Christmas gifts! Aaaaagh!!

It’s all about Agnes



Our JRT, Max, is firmly in love with our friend’s lurcher, Agnes.

It is rather sweet.

They have huge amounts of fun together and she is rare beautiful.

Not hard to see why he loves her so much.

Max doesn't like being too far from Agnes (Whatever form she takes)

Max doesn’t like being too far from Agnes (Whatever form she takes)

When we get a bit busy and struggle to juggle work, walks and making sure Max isn’t left on his own much, Agnes’s wonderful owners come to the rescue and kindly give Max access to their lovely home and all of Agnes’s favourite places there.

leggy and lovely

leggy and lovely

We are always happy for him to go to Agnes’s house. Apart from being with his best girl, we know he will get the very best care.

We can never show our appreciation enough, knowing he is safe, happy & very well cared for.

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

Perhaps a canine cushion made in Agnes’s likeness?

I think it has been well received.

House Warming


Our lovely friends Caroline and Nat have moved away from North London to live by the coast in Hove with their little boy, Drew and Labrador, Bosley.



It’s been a few months already and I feel really bad that their house warming present has taken this long to be sent.

Big Bad Bosley

                                                                   Big Bad Bosley

After making a terrier cushion for ourselves and a couple of Daschund presents for other people, I decided that a labrador cushion in the likeness of Bosley would be a well received present. Drew and Bosley are firm friends (as are Max and Bosley) and Bosley is a very important and well loved member of their family.



We have had Bosley staying with us at times when his family have had holidays or couldn’t take him with them and he is a very lovely boy. He is our favourite king of house guest.

Max and Bosley

                                                                          Max and Bosley

We miss him as much as we miss Caroline, Nat and Drew.

E is for……..

E is for ………..Esme, Edie and Evalyn

folding bunting

folding bunting

It’s been such a while since I blogged and it has also been an even longer while since I got to do some sewing.



Then……. all of a sudden, there is a bunch of baby bunting to make.


card, bunting & blanket




3 little girls born to 3 work colleagues and all born in July.



What a treat to be able to do some sewing again.

And welcome Esme, Edie and Evalyn 🙂

natural skincare


I made some skincare about this time last year and I have gifted some of it, used lots of it and learned some things about what is best for me to use and make.

I absolutely love the body scrub which exfoliates and moisturises at the same time but it is bit messy, the solid moisturiser is lovely but not very practical in the jars so I have been thinking about the best way to improve on those both in particular.


The solid moisturiser needs to be in a bar so that you can rub it all over during a lovely warming shower and the scrub really needs to be solid to avoid the waste.

I have also been thinking about scents as I still love the smell of Temple Spa’s Sugar Buff and although it would be so easy to keep buying it, it’s expensive and I’m sure I can get closer to the smell of it if I keep trying.


I have some of the solid moisturiser left and will finish it before I make any more so today I made 2 batches of sugar scrub; one version is solid and the other is soft but not lose and I’m quite please with them both.

I already prefer the solid one which is so very easy to use, not at all messy and there is absolutely no waste in getting a well exfoliated and moisturised body in the shower. Completely convenient for a busy time pressured life.


Body Scrub Bar Recipe:

300g of organic or fair trade brown castor sugar (500g for the loser bars)

200g solid coconut oil

100g white bees wax

1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil

1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil

essential oils as follows:-

10 drops of camphor

10 drops of juniper

10 drops of lemon / 3 teaspoons dried lemon zest

20 drops of Patchouili

10 drops of orange

10 drops of thyme

10 drops of rosemary / 5 teaspoons of dried and broken up rosemary leaves

10 drops of fig

10 drops of eucalyptus

melt solids in a double boiler, allow to cool slightly. add almond oil, vitamin E. Pour into sugar and solids mixing evenly.

pour into silicon moulds and allow to cool (freeze them inside a sealed plastic food bag if you want to make a large batch and save it).

the vitamin E helps to preserve it so it should last for 6 months but freezing the bars will prolong this.


Since my last post about home made skincare, I have used the oil blends that I made. They are lovely and I find I use them both as moisturisers and as cleansers. They have kept my skin feeling lovely and soft. With an oil cleanser, it moisturises as well as cleansing so it is another time saving way to treat your skin. Applying extra oil over night certainly helps but the oil cleansing alone has made such a difference.

I’ve also made eye make up remover that is so gentle (equal parts olive oil and distilled witch hazel in a squirty bottle applied to a cotton pad) and inexpensive that I will never buy eye make up remover from a shop ever again.


As well as today’s sugar scrub bars, I made a non greasy hydrating spray and a coffee ground face scrub. I have yet to try them out and I’m not sure about the coffee grounds so it will be interesting to see what the results are like.


Watch this space, I will be making more skin care like toners and face masks at some point in the future. I’m a complete convert now and plan to replace all my skincare with home made as my shop bought products run out.

Baby Walton is here


Joseph Thomas Walton born 05.04.15 at 8lb 7oz.


He is the first of many boys in our family not to be born in March although he was due on 25.03.15. I think the little chap got quite comfy in there and nodded off.


He is a little brother to Ella and a great nephew to me.


His dad Gareth & mum Natalie have just finished decorating his nursery in their new home which will be filling up with lovely presents for him as we speak.


It’ll be interesting to see what his big sis thinks of him now he has finally arrived. She was very much looking forward to his arrival but I suspect that sharing mum & dad won’t quite have the appeal she thought.


We will visit in a few weeks when things have calmed down and the exhausting flow of well wishers of the first few days has ebbed away.


It’s very exciting and since it has corresponded with me finally finishing the Jungle Chums blanket, it seems a fitting welcome present. I popped it in the post with a few cuddly jungle toys to adorn his newly ready nursery room and hope he enjoys it.



Doggy Decor

chinese crested silhouette

My friend V was invited to look around the Dog Photographer of The Year Exhibition at the Kennel Club in Mayfair and I was lucky enough to be allowed to tag along.



It is a fabulous place and the exhibition was inspiring but it was made all the more special as we were shown around by one of their gallery residents, Paul. He is a fantastically charming and interesting man with a vast knowledge of the artwork in the gallery, The Kennel Club’s history and also of the artwork in the vast archives.

cute crested

He took us to meet the organiser of the exhibition, and he kindly introduced us to the librarian who shared a look at some of her favourite books from the Club’s fascinating collection.

fluffy tail

It was a rare treat on a Monday afternoon that I would be more than keen to repeat.

cushion decoration

I know that V despatched an appropriately appreciative thank you card straight after our afternoon of delight but having met Paul’s gorgeous little Chinese Crested Terrier, Loui, I thought he might like something that showed off his little pooches fabulous head of hair.


Loui is a rescue dog having been injured quite badly with knife cuts in his original home.  I know that the circumstances surrounding his injuries are not as straight forward as they might sound and he has stormed the damage well. There are no signs of his early traumas at all and he is a disarmingly cute and very, very affectionate.

I completely fell for him!