other distractions like getting married!!

IMG_9177JC & I have been together for about 7 years but have been planning on getting married since we bought the house. We finally decided that we wanted to get married in our local chapel.  Controversially, we didn’t want guests; just the vicar, witnesses & maybe the dog! We wanted my Sis as a witness and my Niece as ring bearer but that’s about it really.

The family were ok with these arrangements and mostly understood why we wanted to do it quietly.

Our lovely vicar made sure we could get married but because it was pretty short notice for a church wedding (just over 3 weeks), we needed to be in church the Sunday the 23rd of August 2009 to hear her read the banns for the first time. Once the actual date was arranged, there seemed (very suddenly) to be a huge amount to do and all the planning for earning a country living went out of the window for a further few weeks.

Anyway, I had to find a dress with just over a week to go!! Panic!! But then so did my Sis and Niece. We’d managed to sort out rings, JC’s suit, the cake and even flowers but not the dress!!!! it felt like such a tall order and it did make me a bit stressed.

Even with all this going on (and it’s important stuff) I had to take a very much needed break from shopping, (which I confess to hating unless it is in bric-a-brac shops, sewing shops, charity shops or our local car boot sale) and concentrated on photographing my wonderfully talented darling friend V’s jewellery for her web site (this is the same kitchen goddess friend who made our cake). I think there are some shots she can use. We looked through a few of them and I think she is happy with what she has seen so far. There are a few more required of other pieces but it was a good start. I felt a real sense of achievement having got that under way having failed miserably at finding the all important frock.

Finally, Vera Wang’s Maids range was just the ticket, Karen Millen had the perfect dress for my Sis & Monsoon was easy for my niece! I’d got a dress, my Sis had got a dress and my Niece had got a dress. Only shoes and underwear to worry about after that.


So yesterday, JC & I got married and my life as a married woman starts today.

There was champagne, gifts, flowers and cards everywhere around the house. Our very smart little jack russell joined us and we had the most fantastic time!

There were tears of emotion, tears of joy and enormous amounts of fun & laughter.



Miss Pickering did our flowers beautifully and Andy Stonier of Howling Basset photography came all the way from Kent to shoot the day for us. We can’t wait to see the results. It’s very exciting.

I am so incredibly happy I feel very close to tears of joy most of the time.


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