Country Living magazine

october 2009 issue

october 2009 issue

My country living magazine came yesterday. It is my favourite magazine and a great source of inspiration. I can honestly say, that apart from the recent deluge of wedding congratulations cards, it is the only mail delivery that pleases me. Everything else either costs money or informs you that you are worse off than you thought.

We’ve had a bit of an indian summer today and the sky has been cloudless so JC & I headed off to the pond for a quiet picnic.

A spot of reading for me and a spot of fishing for JC.

the mill

the mill

In every issue of country living there is a fantastic image that is a clear winner each time and, for me, this Mill is it for October. The article is an amazing description of the place and the lady keeper.

Our sought after peace at the pond did come to a halt and was eventually disturbed by the graceful play of a glider or two.

getting a tow

getting a tow

We are based near a handful of small airports that are left over from the second world war’s successful attempts at keeping the Nazis at bay and are now used for fun, as small private airports, by people who want to have planes or see the sky in silence from a glider.

I’d love to go up in a glider and see our lovely countryside from a silent winging bird’s perspective. I find them quite fascinating and could watch them for ages.

It was quite nice watching them from below whilst laid flat out on a picnic blanket in glorious sunshine………..

free as a bird

free as a bird


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