hand made embroidered cushion

new bedroom cushion

new bedroom cushion

Cushions are going to form a large part of the things that I make my country living out of. Those along with bags, pictures & blankets or hangings.

About 95% of the materials I use are salvaged. Either because they are sample books from discontinued fabric lines, samples, remnants, second hand pieces, left overs from friends and family or clothes and soft furnishing fabrics reused. The hardest part to get second hand are the embroidery silks, though my mum has done a pretty good job of finding those in local charity shops.

Anyway, I have been working on a cushion cover made out of the left over fabric from our bedroom curtains which in turn had been reused from a dining room from a previous life. I don’t generally like blue in home furnishings especially when they are so dark but the curtains in our bedroom completely block out all the light and it certainly aids restful sleep.



So, I made up the oxford cushion cover to fit a cushion that had been part of an old sofa combination and I wanted to do something to liven it up instead of it being just plain dark blue. We have a french patchwork quilt on our bed that is mostly cream and blue and the walls are pale blue from the previous owners decorations as yet unchanged. We have a few heart shaped dishes and little lavendar cushions that became my inspiration for a heart decoration to the cushion.

It is now finished and sits in the middle of our bed and I am happy with the results…….


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