#2 more food for free


pigeons - thousands of 'em

With the very idea of eating what is readily and abundantly available on our doorstep burning away at me, JC & I decided to spend Thursday hidden in the bushes, dressed head to toe in camouflage clothing behind a camouflage hide.  Even the dog has his own camouflage hide that he, very reluctantly, stayed in for hours and hours and hours and hours……….

The idea being, of course, that not only would we shoot our supper, we would help rid the farm of the unwanted & hungry force that is a substantial flock of pigeons. Especially important when new crops have just been sown for the coming season.

Uncharacteristically, as can be seen from today’s photograph of loads and loads of pigeons, there were absolutely NONE on Thursday.  We even tried disturbing any that might be roosting against the heavy winds, but there were NONE.  Where were they?  They have to feed, and we know they are around, we see them twice each day when we walk the dog.  But there were NONE.

Don’t misunderstand me, the idea of being in close quarters with my ‘husband’ for hours at a time is a delightful prospect but it did feel a bit like we had wasted our time.

I am going to stick to foraging for a while and see if I can’t find a recipe for using rosehips and hawthorn berries in a tasty way (that is also easy!)……


hawthorn berries


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