I used to be an arran sweater

I used to be an arran sweater

I am a bit of a ‘tidier upper’ and every now and again, I am seized by a need to ‘sort’ and ‘order’ stuff.

On the strength of also constantly wanting to de-clutter, I started clearing out our clothes cupboards today.

I have been moving an arran sweater around from hiding place to hiding place for years.  It is a sweater that my mum made for me ages ago and on request from me.  It has never seemed fair to cast aside all her considerable efforts because creating a cable knitted garment requires loads of effort & I doubt that my own knitting skills will ever reach those levels.

I didn’t get very far with the clearing out, I have to confess. After repairing a pair of JC’s cords so that he has ‘DIY’ trousers that don’t expose him (literally) to the dangers of impropriety, I decided that since the sewing machine was out, I might as well have a go at finally recycling that arran sweater – into a cushion.


It has turned out OK so, as with everything I make now, I have sewn one of my labels onto it.

I also have a few balls of wool left over (from the arms) that I will use to add to my crochetted blanket (winter project)…….

winter crochet project

winter crochet project


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