car boot sales

car boot sale

car boot sale

My wonderful husband (it feels so right saying that after such a short time as a married couple) insists that we play ‘car boot bingo’ whenever we visit a car boot sale.

It is a rare occurrance that he will visit with me but he did today.

His theory is that whenever we go, there is an abundance of one or two certain types of item that people have either never wanted or have grown tired of. More often than not, we find a foot spa at about every other car or a set of fish knives and forks in various designs and of varying ages.

The idea behind car boot bingo is that, once you’ve spotted what you think will be your item for the day, you start noting how many you’ve seen (obviously you want a line!). The most spots wins the game and the loser buys the coffee.

Today it was golf putters for JC and scary ornamental dolls for me!! I am loathed to confess on this occassion that I won. That’s not because I don’t want to buy the coffees.


'cute' hideous doll

No, it is because there is something deeply disturbing about a porcelain doll dressed to look REAL!!!!!!!

Even the cuter of them stares and seems to be watching you all the time (see what I mean!!).

I’ve never really been a dolly girl, preferring a box of paints or crayons if I were perfectly honest. Seeing these hideous visions in satin only confirms that crayons are much much better………..


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