local produce



We haven’t spent such an extended period at the house before and so we don’t see the day to day workings of the farm really. We are aware of the changing seasons and the difference to the crops from weekend to weekend but these past few weeks have enabled us to see daily changes.

We have watched the Linseed crop pile high in the barn over a few days prior to it being trucked off to wherever.

We have seen them drilling (planting) an extensive new crop of rapeseed.

And we have seen them preparing to harvest the very tasty Maris Piper  potato crop (though I have it on good authority and thanks to the ‘Mouth of the Wash’ that it needs to be wetter to harvest effectively!).

The wheat, barley went off to make bio fuel weeks ago. Or as is the case with the peas, a tapanade dish.  These peas are grown for the middle eastern market and not like our peas that we use to cook and serve with our Sunday lunch.

Although they don’t grow pumpkins on the farm, there are lots growing locally and they are not only tasty but they are so pretty.  The colour is amazing and only diminishes slightly when cooked.  I doubt that we have a great deal to thank the USA for these days but the lowly pumpkin is definitely one of them…….

Bring on Halloween!


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