wedding presents


the norfolk coast

We have just come back from two heavenly days by the sea!

JC & I undoubtedly have the best friends ever! One of our wedding presents (from our bests friends ever) was a night in a hotel, with dinner & breakfast on the north west norfolk coast.  It is an area that we love.

Not only was it a superb gift because it is incredibly generous but it was very thoughtful too.  They surely know us as it is right up our street. Our wee dog was accomodated for, we are walkers (the area is renowned for it’s beach walks) and it is a gorgeous part of our lovely isle. Could it get any better?  YES IT COULD!

The weather was bright and bracing!



We had arrived long before check in time so that we could go for lunch in a local pub, enjoy a pint of the finest local beer and get onto one of those fabulous local beaches before sampling the delights of our local accomodation.


more ripples

And then it was even better because, being out of season, the beach was practically deserted!


sea froth

There is something very pleasing about a beautiful deserted british beach and it makes it feel like your own bit of paradise.


dune grass

So having exhausted the ‘furry one’ and squeezed every last minute out of the fading daylight, we headed for the hotel.


beach groins

Now, I have already said that our friends know us and that it couldn’t possibly get even better.  Well it did get EVEN better!!! We were greeted by a bottle of gorgeously chilled bubbly when we got to our room!!

The food was superb, the bed was huge and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We spent all of today on the beach again and have had 2 fabulous days.

All that is left to say is “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!  YOU ARE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!”

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