re-usable bags

recyclebag5The concept of a re-usable bag is a relatively new one really.

If you asked my mum or gran what a re-usable bag was in days gone by, they wouldn’t have understood.  A bag was either a shopping bag or a handbag (or shoulder bags in the 70s!), all re-usable and only replaced when absolutely essential.

The idea of a disposable carrier bag or plastic bag must have been quite alien but we have become accustomed to them and they are even being reused themselves now and turned into iconic accessories (to your left)

No matter how hard you try, you always end up with and odd carrier bag from shopping but I have become quite committed to my re-usable bags.  I have collected quite a few in the hunt for the perfect solution.  I have the large supermarket ones that are great but really only for the supermarket and aren’t very easy to pop into your handbag to be on hand all the time.

I have a couple of the folding ones that are a bit better for carrying around and my Sis has a gorgeous hot pink string bag that she loves.  All great in their own way (and they are re-usable afterall) but they just never seem to be quite the ticket for me.

The closest I got was one that JC put in my stocking at Christmas (convinced he would be dumped as a result of it) which I love and is just about perfect. But not quite…..


handy bag

So I set about making something similar but that better suits my requirements and here it is.

bag opened out for use

1 - bag opened out for use

ready to fold away after use

2 - ready to fold away after use

fold into thirds

3 - fold into thirds

When you have finished with the bag, lay it flat (1) and fold it into thirds long ways (3) making sure that the inside flap pocket is no longer tucked in (2).

Then fold the handles down and roll  it up.  Turn the finished flap pocket inside out around the folded bag and ‘hey presto’ “handy bag” is all ready to be tucked away in your ‘hand bag’!!

Don’t get me wrong, this is work in progress, I don’t think that I have re-invented the wheel nor is it quite prefect yet. There are, undoubtedly lots of similar products out there, but this is to suit me.  I tried it in a lighter fabric to make it easier to fold and hide away so it really will be a ‘handy bag’.

My mum is going to receive both versions in the post soon.  As an avid charity shop shopper, she’s a good test and I’m guaranteed she’ll be honest (good or bad)!!!

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