norfolk boats

norfolk boats

During our two days in Norfolk, we managed to spy quite a few boats.  In varying stages of use from moored to being under full sail on the wash, they do look absolutely wonderful.

I’ve never become a sailor or messed about on the water much but I did scuba dive for about 10 years during which time it was immense fun skippering the rigid inflatable boat that we used to take us to our numerous UK dive sites.

We had fund raised to buy the RIB for our club so I did feel quite attached to it but there is not the same pride attached to its upkeep as you see with people tending their sail boats, leisure boats or gin palaces.

The only time I have really got involved with a proper sail boat other than to look at was on holiday in Polzeath, Cornwall with a bunch of reprobates.  One of those reprobates had driven crucial life saving supplies around Africa in a (proper) Land Rover  (with light and bars and racks and very dirty – not these posey ones in town) and was a bit of an action man.

No surprise that he could also sail a boat then.

at ease

at ease

Without his influence, it is very likely that we would all have stayed in our favourite  bar overlooking the sea and never done any of the surfing that proved to be huge fun or gone wandering off along the coastal walks that are numerous round there.  We’d have ventured no further than perhaps another bar in nearby ‘Posh’ Rock.



Anyway, with a picnic and more wine than is strictly appropriate for the open sea, we set sail hoping that Action Man really had the tools for this day out.

He did and we even landed somewhere to have our picnic.  It felt like we were the famous five (in fact we were five) or swallows and amazons and we had sailed to an actual island.  Obviously it was just a different piece of cornwall coast and not very far from our favourite bar, in fact but it was great fun.

under sail

under sail

We had a great time and none of us managed to fall overboard or get hit by anything hard and dangerous that the wind was moving about.  It just confirmed to me that boats are good fun as well as being very beautiful and graceful (if you know what you are doing).

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