vegetable box deliveries

pumpkin cup cakes

pumpkin cup cakes

We get vegetables delivered on fridays and have recently gone from a large box down to a small box.  There are only 2 of use and the ‘furry one’ most of the time so the pressure to get through them all without letting them go to waste was immense.  The smaller box has relieved some of that pressure and quite frankly, we didn’t need that much green stuff in a week.

The produce is organic and we have been to the farm open day and met the hard workers raising, harvesting and boxing these seasonal delights.  They are a lovely bunch and completely dedicated to the farm produce and livestock.  We owe it to them, as well as to ourselves to waste nothing in that box.

We even get to return the boxes for re-use.

The vegetables are always delicious and varied and this week we received a deliciously bright orange baby pumpkin, sweet corn and a very pale but substantial marrow.

Take marrows as an example since I now have one I need to do something with.  I’d never buy a marrow in a million years but we got one delivered today so what am I going to do with it?

On Sunday evening we (actually I, not we,  because JC would never chose vegetables as a base for a dish, it would have to be meat) decided to use up the marrow and found a recipe for a pasta hot pot that also included sweet corn thus enabling me to use 2 of the veg in our box.  Oh dear!  It could not have been more unappealing and unattractive either.

chopped pumkin

chopped pumpkin

Today, however, I have used up the baby pumpkin and made pumpkin cake and pumpkin cup cakes.  An interesting concept and the first batch were a bit disappointing but I added the optional sultanas to the second batch and it definitely helped.

The cakes don’t hold the colour of the pumpkin but they do hold a bit of the spicy flavour and I’m happy with the way they turned out.

I also learned something new about baking today, which is never a bad thing.  If you sprinkle sugar onto your cakes before baking, it makes the tops really sparkling and pretty.  I never knew that!!!!

cake anyone?

cake anyone?

And I got to use my new Emma Bridgewater Cake tin!!!


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