autumn fruits



Whilst walking down a lane to one of our beach walks on our recent trip into norfolk, the hedgerows were laden with ripe and ripening brambles (or blackberries for non northerners).

Much to my great disappointment, I had not put my ‘foraging’ basket in the car (note to self: ALWAYS have foraging basket in car!).  To be honest, JC and the ‘furry one’ would not really have appreciated me collecting brambles; JC because this little trip was a wedding present and forming part of our honeymoon and the ‘furry one’ because he luuuuuuurvs the beach and couldn’t wait.

I know that the brambles are finished here in the sticks and they were finished in the city before we left.  How come Norfolk seems to be getting so many more, now. And why isn’t anyone picking them?

I don’t have the answer but it was difficult leaving them unpicked.

We have mature horse chestnut trees just beyond the foot of our garden that drop leaves on the lawn all year round (much to JC’s annoyance) and Conkers at this time of year (also much to JC’s annoyance). The sound of them dropping is really loud, much louder than their actual size would suggest.  They seem to be an endless supply and are absolutely everywhere!



But aren’t they pretty?

The trees themselves have been looking quite unwell since we bought the house and at least one of them has died.  It looks like the same disease that has threatened most of the Horse Chestnut trees in the UK.  Even so, they still seem to be able to produce a plethora of those lovely deep dark mahogany fruits.

They are so nice to handle.

beech nuts

beech nuts

Another favourite, and just as pretty, are beech nuts. They crunch under foot and a beech forest has the loveliest floor.

We called into a farm shop en route around NW norfolk too and found them selling cob nuts.  From a tv programme we saw recently about them it seems they are making something of a come back.  I wonder if my lovely allotment web site can offer a recipe or two to try out?

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