reusable bags again

a handy bag for gym

a 'handybag' for gym kit

I had my niece come to stay for the night last night and, after maths homework (which was based on goal differences and did not impress her one little bit), we set about our project for the evening.

Whenever my niece comes to stay, be it for the day, the weekend or just after school, she & I have a project.

The last one was making a small stuffed figure which she did with great adeptness and imagination and went home with the most delightful blond, dolled up cutie creature with the biggest baby button eyes you’ve ever seen.

It has been commented on many times I believe and she is rightly proud of it.

The one before that was a box that she decorated with various fabric flowers and things. It had contained smellies in a previous life and held an element of the scent long after it’s contents had been used up and the bottles recycled.  With that in mind, my niece decided that it should be a box of smells and she set about filling it with amazing things like rose petals, herbs and soaps etc.  It was very pretty and very clever and she was very pleased with her work.

Last night I wanted to teach my niece to sew and because I had been making ‘handy bags’ yesterday, she decided she’s make a reusable bag too. Using a pretty piece of curtain fabric that I got from a car boot sale earlier in the week and beautifully decorating it with ribbon so adding pink, (as you must do to all things when you are  10 year old girl). To improve the design, we went through some more fabrics and badges retrieved from the ‘stuff for the car boot sale” pile in the garage until she settled on a patchwork pocket and a selection of cute badges.

must have pink on it

must have pink on it

My niece is left handed and that makes using pinking shears that are made for a righty like me a bit difficult but she cut it out herself and apart from some tricky bits, she managed the sewing machine brilliantly.

I learned to sew at about the same age, maybe a bit younger and I definitely didn’t have the dexterity or the imagination that she does.  She should be very proud of herself and her fabulous piece of work.

It was a pleasure to teach her and I have, myself, learned something from this sewing lesson which will change how I make the next reusable bag.  Thanks to a 10 year old I had a fun evening and I have also had some help improving the design of my ‘handy bag’.


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