christmas and chihuahuas

250px-Christmas_collage.PNGA few days ago, I popped into our local garden centre looking for a new garden fork.

Imagine my horror when a whole massive section of the place was being decorated for CHRISTMAS. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! With days of September still left and halloween not even upon us, I was horrified!!

How do you spoil Christmas?

You promote it in September for 3 months!!!!

To add to the pain, it was going on in Wilkos and also in Sainsburys!!

I love Christmas and some of our recent Christmases have been wonderfully good fun and very family orientated but I don’t want to have to think about it in September!!

I do confess to being pretty well organised and I do have some presents for this christmas already.  Mostly they are for family in Canada which need to be sent off in November (I’m making excuses now!) but that is a quiet and subtle approach to the festivities.  I don’t want to be surrounded by baubles in September.

It upset me deeply.

I’m not finished though!!!

Amongst these twinkly christmas baubles were two ladies with pushchairs THAT HAD CHIHUAHUAS IN THEM!!!


a doggy pushchair

a doggy stroller!

a doggy stroller!

One of the dogs yelped or wined and the lady asked it (asked it!!!!) “what is it my darling?  don’t you like it?”  This second question referred to an item of clothing that she was looking at to buy (thankfully for herself).  I was deeply disturbed.

I love my wee dog and believe he has embellished both mine and JC’s life BUT…….

A pushchair?  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

petslingThen I searched the internet to find out a bit more about these ‘strollers’ and found a ‘pet sling’.  It’s exactly like a baby slings.  Dogs have four legs.  They can walk.  Why do they need strollers and slings (even booster seats for cars can be found on the internet).

A truely upsetting day.

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