autumnal sunrise

sun rising over the river

sun rising over the river

Aaaaawr!  Today was the last day of our rural break and we headed back to the city with the prospect of work on Monday.

It is hard to believe that a month has passed and although it has been amazingly good fun and we have ‘done’ lots of stuff, it would have been nice (and greedy) for it to carry on.

The weather has been incredibly kind to us and the sunrises that we have seen while walking the ‘furry one’ have been worth abandoning our lovely bed for.

We have done so much but in a very un-pressured and relaxed way.  We followed the hunt, followed to hounds, baked, made jam, went shooting, went fishing, started blogging, flickring, folksying, walked, made jelly, walked some more, lunched, had a midday beer in the pub (very decadent), sewed, car booted, gardened, BBQ’d, drank champagne, got married,  mini-mooned, made new friends, had dinner with old friends and thoroughly, thoroughly chilled out.

It is the time poverty and the constant pressure on your time that I find hardest in city life these days and I am hoping that the balance won’t tip back the way it was before our break began.

sunrise over the paddock

sunrise over the paddock

It was very easy to adjust to such peace and quiet and a much gentler pace of life and it wouldn’t be difficult to see only the negatives in returning to ‘normal’.

The blow of travelling back today has been softened by a wonderful chat with Miss Pickering when we dropped off the vases from our wedding flowers.  I don’t find that you make new friends so regularly when you get to an point in your life when all your friendships seem to be established. It is rather lovely though,  to meet someone who you got on with over the phone, found that you had lots in common and enjoyed a wag with when you finally met them and then have it confirmed that you really had found a new friend when chatting with them again.  We are scheduled to meet, Miss P & I for a 5pm G&T ion the Toby Norris some time soon and Miss P has an open invite to the ‘Stitch and Bitch’ evenings I have with my wonderful girlfriends.  It will not be as sophisticated as a G&T in the TN but we do do a good line in wine, beer and fatty snacks!

After that cheering little interlude, we headed south to catch up with the lovely Anna & David and their 2 adorable little ones. In fact the littlest of their little ones is Henry of  ‘Henry’s Blanket’ post which I will be blogging about very soon.

It was a long overdue catch up, we were gifted a lovely wedding present and it has filled me with the promise to do something with them again very, very soon.


sunrise over the fen

So, we are back in the city and I am filled with excitement over things to make and what form my ‘earning a country living’ will take. The feedback and suggestions from ‘Henry’s Blanket’ were fantastically helpful and I have already measured up for a desk in the bedroom so that I can dedicate more time to designing and making.

In all, and although it could have been a gloomy day, it started brightly and has been evenly punctuated with lovely things!


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