bertie’s hand made applique blanket

lazy lion

lazy lion

It has been very, very tough coming back to work and my feet haven’t touched the ground since 8am on monday morning but this is the reality of it, unfortunately……..

In spite of that, I am determined to keep up with my blog and have also kept my energy going for the tinyinc makings. So, I have managed to finish a further 2 blocks for bertie’s blanket (only 10 more to go!).

This lazy lion is very cute and inquisitive looking and I like him very much.  I think he will be at a focal point of the blanket.

I also got the block for his cushion made which is a banana tree and, when finished, will have ‘B is for Bertie ….  and also Banana’ embroidered around it somewhere.

bertie's banana tree

bertie's banana tree

It isn’t going to be quite as colourful as other blankets that I have made as a lot of the images seem to have yellow and green in them but I do have a sketch for a parakeet and a flamingo so they should offer a bit more brightness and variety.


pretty parakeet


fluffy flamingo

The next block to be done will be the snake, I think, he will have a different colour to the lion and banana tree……


silly snake


cranky croc

And perhaps then crocodile…..

I’ve done mischievous monkey already too so it is gently coming together…..

mischievous monkey

mischievous monkey

Six blocks after that which will probably be a happy hippo, friendly frog, tiny turtle, eager elephant, lounging leopard & tiger tiger.

Once bertie has his blanket, I will get my teeth into the final version of my ‘handy bag’, the aprons and cushions that I want to start, finish the other stuff I started and give some thought to other things to add.

Whilst chatting to my darling friend V last night, she did mention something about some doggy apparel, who knows what that could lead to……………


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