pretty boys

pretty boy

pretty boy

We were back at the house this weekend (couldn’t stay away after the trauma of going back to work on Monday!) and there was a small let up in the wet weather for us.
The farm has quite a few ponies and horses on it.  I think it was 17 at the last count and I understand that plans are afoot to increase that number by at least one more!

Having grown up with ponies and having a Sis who has achieved quite impressive levels of horsemanship and horsey prize winning in her life, it seems right to have these large and intelligent creatures around and about.



Horses smell beautiful (for sure), they are clever (undoubtedly), sociable (mostly), give huge amounts of pleasure to many & are generally amazing!  I love them!

I used to ride (quite badly, I fear) as a youngster and when I gave up, I was adamant that I wouldn’t do it again unless I could do it all the time.

what's going on then, eh?

what's going on then, eh?

With the farm hunt and these young pretties greeting us every morning and evening when we walk the dog, I am very clearly reminded of how wonderful they are.

My sis and I also talked about her amazing and favourite pony, Royalist, recently.  He was a true gent and a delight to be around; it is easy to forget.

I may well ride again but I will have to fall in love.

It will be love that will get me into the saddle again because horses are quite as unique in their character as people are and I believe there is a horse out there for me.


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