dear deer


There are two small family groups of Roe Deer living on and wandering through the farm.

They are quite elusive at the best of times and are especially difficult to see under cover of summer’s lush foliage.  Now, as the trees are becoming barer and the landscape is changing into it’s winter wardrobe, they are a little easier to spot.

I saw them this morning and I was as close as I have ever been to them.


JC has taken to his bed with a cold (diagnosis is actually terminal man flu) so I was walking the ‘furry one’ on my own early this morning.

Having a dog with you isn’t always conducive to spotting wildlife.  They tend to rush around making unnecessary noise but the wind was in our favour this morning and just as we were approaching the spinney, a young looking roe deer strolled out from behind the derelict barn and was silhouetted against the sky for quite a while (unusually and unfortunately these post photos aren’t mine, and this proves JC’s theory that I should always have a camera on me no matter what the circumstances – next time).

He had definitely seen us and was stock still and staring.  I instinctively come to a halt when I see anything like that or an unusual bird.  You don’t see anything if you crash about.  Very quietly, I managed to get the ‘furry one’ sitting still and waiting at my feet as I stared back at it.


Suddenly, a larger, more mature (probably mum) deer shot out and looked to have disappeared to my left and probably went over the dyke and off across the fields, obviously spooked and trying to get as far away from me as possible.  I couldn’t believe it when both of them came strolling towards me along the edge of the track, getting closer and closer.

By this point the ‘furry one’ had been released of his ‘sit & stay’ and was darting around with his nose to the ground. He’s not big but he is white and deer use the flash of their white tail as a warning of danger to others. People’s white faces scare them, small white dogs, white clothing etc do too all for the same reason. They see it as the flash warning to run.

Finally mum must have realised that I wasn’t to be trusted and this flash of white at the ground was a bit of a concern and off she dashed.  The youngster got confused and went off in the opposite direction and for the rest of my walk along the spinney (to check out the sloes!!), it stood staring at me & the strange small white thing and can’t have been more than 100m away.

It has made my day……


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