tidying the garden

tidying up

tidying up

It’s that time of the year when the garden is ready to be put to sleep for the winter and a thought or two is given to the coming cold months.

We have spent a some of the weekend getting the last lot of weeds out of of the flower beds, dressing the lawn and clearing conkers!

splitting logs

splitting logs

Last year the farm asked us to do 2 jobs for them; one was to lay a hawthorn hedge for the hunt to jump when they visit and the other was to clear the spinney of unwanted trees to allow the healthy ones to grow well and promote a healthy wood.

Laying a hedge will involve me doing a course in it so it won’t happen over night but I will do it. They know that if they ask me, I will do it

However, we have made some progress on sorting out the spinney and chopped down a few leaning branches as well as the odd self seeded tree that was growing in the wrong place or growing badly. We had cleared them from the spinney and left them piled up out of the way in the garden.

The biggest job for the weekend was building the new extension to the log store and splitting the logs we had cut last winter (you should split them as soon as you cut them and not when they are seasoned apparently – note for next year) to store in the log store for use this winter.

new log store

new log store

The logs seem to have seasoned very nicely but some of them had become a bit damp from being on the ground.  The new log store has a raised floor and they will dry out nicely.  Clearing the logs meant we disturbed a large frog looking for somewhere damp and dark to hide this winter.  I hope he finds somewhere else that is safe to hibernate.


the picture frames on our shed

The clearing of the conkers has filled the garden bucket and the sheer number and size of them would bring joy to most little boys (quite a few big boys too no doubt).  They are everywhere and just when you think you have got them all, you catch another one out of the corner of your eye.  Then beside it is another ‘clutch’ (they do seem to fall in little groups and huddle together like a clutch of eggs waiting for their hen to sit back on them) and then you see another.  It seems endless.



The garden looks great now, there is still lots of colour and that should be it until the spring……….



apart from possibly clearing a few more conkers…..


autumn colours tumbling down our tree

autumn colours tumbling down our tree

with a little dappled sunlight

with a little dappled sunlight


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