toy story

dinky donkey

dinky donkey

The ‘furry one’ has quite a few toys.  They vary from hard plastic bones that are good for his teeth to the softest fluffiest cuddly toy you can imagine.

His first toy was a yellow luffa dog that has recently had to be thrown away after lots of attention rendered him stuffingless, eyeless, earless, legless and quite useless I’m afraid.  His current favourite is “Dinky Donkey”!!  A pink and white Russ donkey with a wobbling head, a rattle inside and a fluffy mane.  She is very pink and was ‘pre-owned’ by someone’s tot and came to me for 20p at a car boot sale.

do I look good in this?

do I look good in this?

He loves her, for she is surely a ‘she’ and although he is very gentle with her (unlike the luffa dog), her legs may come off at some time in the future and she has been drenched in his saliva in a very loving way, many, many times.

The ‘furry one’ luuuuuurvs kids and I am sure that he likes the toys that have been loved by little people because he can smell them.

I am probably in danger of sounding like the ladies with the Chihuahuas (‘christmas & chihauhuas 02.10.09) in pushchairs if I am not careful but it’s very funny watching him with his ‘ponkey’ (my sis prefers this to dinky donkey and it means pink donkey).  He will retrieve her if she is thrown for him to catch or if he wants to play and we are busy, he will throw her in the air himself and pretend.

Occassionally, when she isn’t too wet with doggy dribble and he is tired, she is his cushion.  It is very cute to see.

I also got a tiny, tiny fat lamb for 10p that he likes nearly as much.

cute lamb

cute lamb

We have bought other toys from pet stores and these get destroyed pretty quickly but he definitely treats the kid’s old toys a bit differently.

JC tells me off for humanising the ‘furry one’, I hope he is mistaken.  It’s a slippery slope ……..


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