weathered log

weathered log

I have always loved nature. It is what I used to prefer to paint, it is what I prefer to be with and I think it offers some of the most amazing images that the human eye can possibly perceive. It is undoubtedly the greatest source of complete beauty that there is.


ripples in sand

ripples in sand

It surprises me then, that the things that I prefer to sew are not animals and plants or other images that emulate nature, but geometry and other orderly patterns that you don’t necessarily see in nature. Or do you? Snowflakes are the ultimate example of perfect geometry and symmetry too. A flies compound eye is an engineering miracle and a bees honeycomb is perfect architecture.

folds in timber

folds in timber

Perhaps my preference for crochetted & knitted squares, square cushions, striped tea cosies and blocks of colour is closer to nature than is obvious then. Perhaps the images of buildings, vehicles or man made structures like fences, gates and stys that I like is the result of years and years working in architectural and spacial design. Either way, I am working on a blanket commission for a little chap called Bertie and it is jungle animals. They are very cute and I am sure I will love the finished article but the images that please me most seem to be boats, beach houses and the likes of kites.

I need to come up with some ideas for cushions that typify what would be right for a bay boy or a baby girl, I wonder what comes of of my sketches……

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