lovely bundles of fabrics

my lovely basket of fabrics

my lovely basket of fabrics

I recently met a lovely lady called Carol who was a bit stressed out whilst selling the contents of her spare bedroom and attic at a car boot sale. The car boot site had been late setting up and she was being bothered by eager buyers before she had finished emptying her car boot.

choo choo!!

choo choo!!

We bought a beautiful little train from her, made of bobbins that had once been in a local mill.  There was a history of fabric fortune in our little local town so this made sense.  It is absolutely charming.

I also bought a wonderful piece of 70s orange fabric from her and because I love a bit of a chat with people, she & I started talking about sewing. She used to teach, she has sewed and knitted in her spare time (even knitting while on holiday or in the car), she has embroidered christening gowns for a shop in Paris and, more recently, has worked in a charity shop.  But her passion is all things sewing, knitting, crochetting and embroidering.

She has very sadly lost the feeling in the ends of her fingers and suffers quite badly from arthritis which now prevents her from pursuing these loves of hers.  As a result, she is getting rid of substantial amounts of fabric and wool.  Some of them she has had for decades whilst they have waited to be made up into the right thing.

Having exchanged details, I went to see her and had a ‘rummage’ through a tiny selected portion of her ‘stock’.

more and more

another basket and more lovely fabric

I was sooooo excited by these fabric jewels & my head is so full of ideas for using them.  Some of the fabrics were also very reminiscent of fabrics that my mum had lovingly fashioned into clothes for me & my baby brother & I was very drawn to them.

We had another lovely long chat and I will be going back now that she knows what I like.  I think she saw the hunger in my eyes and that I want more and more of these lovely things.  I managed to spend quite a lot of money but I got lots and lots and lots of wonderful pieces of vintage fabric.

so many ideas!!

so many ideas!!

A rare treat to get my hands on such gems but also to have met such a lovely lovely lady.


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