toy story 2



My very first toy was a pink, green and black hand knitted doll called ‘flopsy’ and she was made for me by my mum.

She suffered only slightly as I have always been careful with my things and look after them.  I looked after ‘flopsy’ for decades; she moved to the city, to college and back with me among my belongings and although she was mostly kept in a box or cupboard somewhere, I always had her.

At some time during recent years though, she very sadly went missing and I have always thought it was a bit of a shame.

I happened to mention it to mum in passing and a hand knitted pink, green and black ‘flopsy’ arrived through my letterbox about a week later.

Mum had found the pattern when she was tidying the loft and getting rid of unwanted stuff.  What luck and what perfect timing since I had just mentioned it.

flopsy (mark ii)

flopsy (mark ii)

I love her all over again and I have snaffled the pattern and tinyinc has knitted another one that has been put on folksy for sale.

Tinyinc has also knitted another ‘flopsy’ and a ‘freddy’ who is her boyfriend. I hope that they will sell.  They are quite charming and look quite well in Tinyinc’s line up.

My pink, green & black ‘flopsy’ stays with me though.


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