project bags

IMG_9409IMG_9404My projects seem to be very well travelled between north london and our little house. They travel so much because I like to have them to hand so I can get an extra half hour work in here and there or I scribble a note or sketch an idea that comes to mind.

I have piles of fabrics (lovely bundles of fabrics) that I sorted out and leave at the house mostly but there is always a staple of ‘stuff’ that you need with you all the time. Ideally, I would have my workroom (oh dear there seems to be a drum kit, keyboard and telescope in there!!) but travelling between homes means this is not practical.  So I have project bags! It is not a perfect solution but it works for now. As a consumate list maker, and sorter, these are like physical lists. They contain all that I need in order to do what I need to do and a good list should contain all that you need in order to complete your task whether it’s shopping for food or conducting a meeting.

I feel like they should be pretty bags but they aren’t, they are practical and inexpensive.  They are from Ikea and cost about £1.50 but what I love about them is that they are squared off at the base so they stand up, my boxes of threads and buttons and oddments of fabrics all fit neatly into them and they are a handy shape to transport. And…. I have quite a few of them because I always seem to have a few things on the go at the same time (see ‘sorting out’ 05.10.09) . Each individual project is kept inside a pillowcase to keep it clean and that in turn goes inside the project bag .

IMG_9410IMG_9411I hate to confess to this but I enjoy tidying these project bags (I have now also started filling baskets! I am a bit passionate about baskets). You know what I mean, sorting them out, tidying them up and making sure everything is in order. Perhaps when/if I get my work room, I might be able to ween myself off these obsession generating little bags, though I doubt it.

I’m constantly sketching ideas and snipping out images of things that I’d like to make or that would be a good source of inspiration for an image. Be it for a bag, an apron, a tea cosy, a blanket, a cushion, a picture or a whole host of other things that pique my interest.

I have one project that has been on the go since my ‘A’ levels that is still not finished and I didn’t find it (along with all my other unfinished projects) until this week. It is a self coloured embroidered christening gown, bonnet and cloak.   There are others that I have already mentioned in earlier posts but I also found a rag doll and an applique picture of our house to add to the list. I think they make up 7 projects in number. Some of these will only come out in winter. I can’t knit and crochet in the summer but on the two occasions that friends of ours had a baby in the summer, and I crochetted both blankets, they were gargantuan tasks to get finished when the sun was shining.

IMG_9413I’m trying to become more disciplined and get things finished before I go onto the next but most of the projects among the 7 are for my own satisfaction and not for a shop (folksy), a commission or as a gift for someone or their tiddler so they get shelved. It’s no bad thing, I fall in love with them again every time I get them out of their pillowcase storage.

Oh to be doing this full time!!!!!!!!


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