tinyinc hand made some more stuff


flopsy's boyfriend 'fred'

I have made quite a few bits lately and I have even got my mum busy for Tinyinc too.

I’ve had an odd commission and a few of my bits are in a shop now.  It is so nice to have your efforts appreciated and hopefully they will sell and I will be supplying more.



My full time job has proved challenging of late and I am in danger of slipping into the wrong life work balance that was destroying me before the joys of september (see all posts for september & hand embroidered cushion, blanket for bertie, recycling, blanket for henry, stuff on folksy, blanket for max, sorting out, kid’s aprons) but I am determined to stay on top of it.


boys apron

I have had some superb advise on what to make and how to do things and it is interesting to get opinions.  Whether you agree with them or not, they are all valid and even the ones you aren’t sure of can often be the best.


candy coloured handy bag

It has been fantastic having so many helpful hints, and I am very grateful.  I am bursting with ideas and only frustrated by the lack of available time.  It will change eventually when I have to make the jump.


a tinyinc tea cosy

It’s the country living christmas fayre this week and I  will be going some time before sunday. I am very excited and hope to meet some other makers.

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