tinyinc’s tools of the trade


I was searching for a particular embroidery thread the other day and in the process, I emptied my project bag and started to sort through things.

In the sunshine, the colours sparkle and you realise how yummy these silky, wooden, wooly things are.


JC says that what I do in my full time job is ‘knock all the walls down and paint everything white’…………

It is true, open spaces and simplicity is what I strive for in my job BUT my dirty secret is detail and colour!

my gran's crochet cottons

I’m making decorative gift baby cushions that will have  a name, a birth date and a delivery weight on them.  They have colourful, playful images on them and are to celebrate the birth of someone’s baby.

They are all applique and have new images that I haven’t used before.


I am always on the look out for embroidery silks, ribbons, threads, buttons, beads and fabrics.  I bought 150 8m skeins of anchor stranded cotton embroidery threads from ebay this week. They are delicious and they have swelled my supply beautifully.  So as well as searching for the colour I needed for my work, I had lots of new threads to sort into colours. I would dearly love to have the entire collection of 484 colours.

the pinks & reds

I am still brimming with ideas and not much time to do them in and time always seems to be running away from me.

oranges & greens

Looking through the vast array of colours amongst the threads is inspiring.

purples & browns

All these gorgeous colours are very necessary on these dark, dreary days of november. It is a tough transition from autumn to winter and more people than you imagine suffer from seasonal adjustment disorder.  I don’t think I suffer from SAD, but the seasonal change still affects me a bit and it is nice to see these bright colours.

blues & greys

In order to add even more colour and brighten a rainy day, I wore a bright bright orange shirt with my favourite ‘by appointment’ necklace today.

Every little helps.


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