early one november day


big early skies

most of the uk has suffered in the rain over the last couple of weeks but our little corner of the country was spared the messy wet stuff for one of the weekends.

I love the rapid change that a sunrise or a sunset shows to a landscape or skyline. It is more beautiful than a photograph can do justice to.


there is a peace and serenity that comes with the rising and falling of the day.

I have never been a late riser and even after a night of too many glasses of wine, I’m usually to be found up and about doing things before 7am.  I’m sure it isn’t good for me but I don’t want to miss these amazing moments.


sunrise jc

the quiet almost private and spiritual moment at the beginning of a day as it wakes up to business also offers view of things that are more likely to have gone into hiding by the time the rest of us get with it.

This particular weekend morning, one of the deer families on the farm was upwind of us and, although they spotted us on the horizon, we did get to see them.


JC & I have talked about getting up early and getting hidden away close to their little route, because they do have favourite routes and times, so that we could photograph them at closer quarters.

They are lovely creatures and rightly nervous of people.


the fruits that I harvested for jams in September (even more food for free) have been left without the protection of any greeness now and as a result the vibrance of the colours sing out, especially when it is crisp and clear.


all the harvesting has been done and the land is flat again, the views are clear and only the drilled winter crops are slowly getting in the way of these amazing views.


It is a great reminder of how lucky we all are to be allowed to live amongst this because we surely spoil it with our lack of care.

It is very precious and quite amazing.  I can’t imagine not having this……


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