tinyinc celebrates 50 blogs

tinyinc retro 'racing' teacosy

It seems fitting that in celebration of my 50th blog post that I should be celebrating selling another tea cosy since the very first thing I sold as tinyinc was also a tea cosy, THE tinyinc tea cosy!

I call this style of tea cosy the retro racing tea cosy as it reminds me a bit of  racing flag, though much prettier.

I love tinyinc teacosies and have 3 of them that are all used at home.  I have the very, very original 4 cup tinyinc multi coloured retro racing tea cosy which I managed to burn on the gas hob once but it is still usable and the burn survives the washing machine.  I have a 2-3 (small) cup tea cosy that is in cream, terracotta and green that gets most use.  The other is a blue and green striped pom pom tea cosy that is used a bit less than the other two. I suppose it serves as a back up of sorts.

Anyway, the one recently sold is from a handful that I advertised on Folksy just last week and it is winging it’s way to edinburgh as a christmas pressy for my customer’s sister.

I have discovered that I am a bit anxious until I know that items have arrived and that the recipient is happy with them. I get the same concerns with ebaying too.

tinyinc very racing retro tea cosy

I also sold the cushion cover that used to be an arran sweater so I am hoping that with the coming festivities and next week being amongst the first days of December, people will set their minds to a bit of Christmas shopping and start buying more of my things.

I used to be an aran sweater

It’s very exciting when people want to buy your things.  It doesn’t matter that you think they are nice or that they are well made or that you have spent hours creating them, nothing beats the proof that they are all of those things and a good idea because someone has decided that they want it and they will pay money for it too.

I continue to get great feedback from friends (and customers too now) about the items and a lot of them think they are perhaps under priced so I have made some minor adjustments on costs but, at the moment, I am comfortable with the price points and the items generally.

I still have a million other things that I also want to do but will need to be careful that I don’t broaden my ‘range’ too much.

Is it right to specialise at such an early stage in my attempts to make a living out of this or should I continue to experiment and allow the shoppers to decide what the speciality should be?  It’s a tough one.

To add to the excitement of selling things, I have been invited to apply to the BBC to audition for a new programme they are launching in the spring which effectively follows kitchen table/spare room start up businesses as they are mentored by one of the UKs own kitchen table success stories.  I am nowhere near being included amongst those that they want to feature in the programme and have only just applied to audition but imagine what a great boost an experience like that would be.  The researchers found my story interesting enough to approach me so that can only be good news.

One of the questions on the application asked where you saw your business in 5 years time.  That was easy and I’d like to think I’d get there with or without the programme but you don’t know do you.  A lot of effort, talent and even luck aren’t always enough.

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