tinyinc’s dogerchiefs

the furry one in a tinyinc dogerchief

I consider myself to be very lucky with my wonderful family and friends already but when one of the more talented of those friends feeds you a brilliant idea every now and again, it makes them even more special.

My very, very talented friend V of By Appointment who I have mentioned in my blogs many times and who I am about to blog about specifically, asked us over for supper some weeks ago and happily regaled the tale of an incredibly mad book that she had just found in a charity shop and it was 80p.  Did I want her to get it for me?

How could I refuse?  Never one to pass the opportunity of a mad gift but also one that was ‘pre-owned’, I said yes.

Imagine my delight when this very well presented little book called ‘Canine Couture’ came to me in a charity shop carrier bag!  We were out for a fancy girls night out (They are usually local and very low key but this one was a bit more up market) and in the taxi home when I received this fabby book.  Not able to resist, I had to start looking through it.

Now, the ‘furry one’ is a welcome 4 legged part of our home and although he wants for little, he doesn’t get clothes and he doesn’t get silly bags (or push chairs) bought for him.  This book was filled to bursting with deer stalker hats, smoking jackets, travel sets, bathing sets and any number of other completely bonkers outfits and accessories for dogs.  But how much fun to make!!

I will say one thing, however, that whatever you think of doggy accessories and clothes, the things in the book were beautifully made and the instructions were very clear.

Anyway, the advice was that this dog loving nation of ours spends sooooo much money on their canine companions that it would be a worthy addition to my repertoire of makes.

Not really liking the idea of coats and hats for dogs, I have stuck to a bit of neck decoration and made a whole bundle of reversible tinyinc dogerchiefs.

So canines, kitchens and kids it is for tinyinc!

I will be gifting monogrammed versions to V’s Kinni & Diesel as seems only fitting for making such great suggestion that I start a line of accessories for dogs but the rest are on folksy and hope that christmas is also coming to most doggy households.


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