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I have labels that are sewn into all the things that I make and they direct you to my website. The only trouble with that has been that I haven’t actually had a web site and nor have I had the chance to do anything about it.

Not very business like to put my stuff out there with a label and have nowhere for people to get to.

I got my own pet web designer (my sis by chance) to buy the name for me ages ago and I recently got myself organised enough to buy a years hosting.

My sis has had quite strong ideas about the direction tinyinc should take and I appreciate all her advice. It has proven to be invaluable.  She also has had strong ideas about how it would look and I am pleased to say that I haven’t disagreed with any of it.

She sent me options for the logo and I liked options 3 & 4 best.  Having checked a few opinions, 4 was the favourite (I agree) and so the site is launched.  It is still under construction but it is generating traffic and that can only lead to sales!!!

Check it out!!!


The route to the name of tinyinc is quite a fun story…

I was made redundant from my first job as a designer in the middle of the last recession but was so lucky when a few weeks later, I was offered some freelance.

As a way of poking fun at my solo venture into the world of self employment, a little sign was made for my spare bedroom door by a friend of mine to look like a shiny executive plaque.  The name tinyinc was born from it being a tiny venture (only me) and incorporated being a reference to my ‘massive’ organisations.  Also think Tiny Incorporated was too big for a small piece of polyboard and a handful of magic markers so ‘tinyinc’ it became.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ‘plaque’ any longer but when I first ventured into the delights of ebaying, tinyinc seemed a sensible tag that didn’t name me at all.

When my sis and I were throwing names about for the launch of my handmade stuff, I didn’t put it forward but as soon as I mentioned it, it all fell into place……

tiny says lots about the little people my stuff is made for and it is a nice collection of letters for a graphic image.

that is the story behind the name of tinyinc and I have grown to like it very much.

I have made a promise to myself that when life settles again as it surely must and I have this life work balance under control again, we will get my little web site sorted out and launched in full.


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