tinyinc’s 12 stars of christmas

blanket stitched button star

I have made christmas gifts and decorations every year for an age and I always have lots of ideas for each coming christmas.

Last year I handmade fabric stars that are blanket stitched around the outside and centred with a button. True to my thrifty preferences, all are made from fabric left overs and recycled buttons.

little crochetted florets

This year I decided to make a ’12 stars of christmas’ garland.

I used 4 ply white cotton left over from the last cotton lace baby shawl I crochetted and they are quite lacy.

12 crochetted florets

They start life looking like pretty florets.

To make them look like stars I pinned them out into the star shapes that the crochetting has softly formed and spray starched them.

pinned out and starched

To pin them out, I lay a towel down in a clean carpetted room and stretch the stars using pins.  The pins need to be shoved into the carpet at an angle to hold the tension across the star.

I sprayed them liberally (don’t think I got it on the carpet!) and added a bit of extra starch round the points.

I left them pinned out overnight until the starch was thoroughly dried and then they were ready.

measuring and pinning out

my intention was to put them around the mirror over the fireplace so I measured out a length of red ribbon to take each star at about 200mm to suit the length of three sides of the mirror and started to stitch them onto the ribbon.

chain of stars

They will need to be stored flat between outings but they are quite pretty aren’t they?

'12 stars of christmas' around the mirror

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