christmas lunch

cones and ribbons and things

It is noticeable how often the birds are visiting the feeders at the moment while there is so much freezing snow about.

I had set out the table with ribbons and cones, with the full intention of making some more decorations for around the house until I decided that the birds should have some of their own decorations on the tree in the garden.

a string of cones

I’m not suggesting that the local bird population would appreciate the festive cones and ribbons on the tree just to brighten the place up a bit.

The intention was to give them a bit of a christmas lunch and add to the food that is already out there for them to peck away at.

string of large cones

We have a recipe book for bird food that I bought for JC as a stocking filler one year and although he enjoys a bit of culinary activity, he hasn’t quite found his bird food mojo.

So it is a cookery book that I have used more.  Almost without fail the recipes are messy and although it isn’t here with us to refer to, there is a lot I can remember and can do to help our our feathered friends in harshest of winter conditions without it.

garden tree decorations

Basically, they need fat, seed, sugar and anything else that you already know they like such as fruit, popcorn, biscuits and bread.

So in order to make the garden tree decorations useful, I tied red ribbon around the tops of the larger cones and strung the smaller cones along a ribbon all together.  The knots need to be tight enough to take the weight of the food and the bird.

tasty garden tree decorations

Then I warmed up a block of vegetable fat, dipped the cones into it and sprinkled seeds over the fat before it hardened again.

We also have a half coconut shell that had been full of suet but was finished off earlier in the week so I put seeds and bits of left over bread into it before filling it with the rest of the fat.

great tit

The inevitable ‘hooligans of the garden’ showed an immediate interest and the blue tits, great tits, yellow finches, robins, blackbirds and green finches that we usually enjoy as visitors have to compete with these badly behaved starlings.



Encouraged by the extra visitors I’m going to pop some corn, thread it onto a string and drizzle treacle or honey onto it to add to the garden tree decorations tomorrow.  I think we have another coconut shell to fill too.


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