life’s a beach

an empty beach

Being early risers is an advantage if you want to enjoy an empty beach on a cold winter morning.

One of our favourite walks is Brancaster beach and although it is popular it is usually quiet. With the holidays and all the recent freezing, but bright weather though, it certainly seems to have brought out even the least hardy. By the time we were on the return leg of our walk, the beach had gone from relatively empty to ‘crowded’.

a crowded beach

What was particularly interesting about our visit today was the frozen sand.  At the high tide line, all the sand, and anything trapped in it, was frozen solid and hard as a rock.  I’ve never seen that before.

Only the bits that had benefitted from the early sun were less solid.  Strangely as the sand thawed and released the extra sea water it was holding, it was like quick sand!!

a frozen shell

Also, every time we go to the beach there is something that you tend to see more of than another.  Today it was dead star fish, unfortunately.  Some of them were even frozen at the high tide line and I wonder if there have been some rough seas over the holidays.

a frozen star fish

As always, we had the ‘furry one’ with us and although he couldn’t be tempted into the freezing cold waves to retrieve his ball, he did forget himself and went into a low tide pool before he decided it was a bad idea.  He is very funny!

ooooh it's cold

Most of the beach visitors are dog walkers and a well wrapped up lady had three dogs with her, one of which was a lovely black labrador bitch that came over to introduce herself to us.  We were playing ball with the ‘furry one’ and asked him to sit & leave when he had retrieved the ball for us. The labrador sat on command and even when we walked off and her lady owner was calling her, she just sat there and sat there. She must have been there for 15 minutes before her owner backtracked to get her going again!!!!  Cute.

just sitting and waiting

All in all, it was a great walk and even though we’d have preferred the place to ourselves, the other visitors were certainly entertaining.

tidal ripples

Not a bad end to the holidays in all.  It has certainly prepared me for returning to work and I feel a lot more positive about the coming decade than I did before my mending holiday!!!!

Welcome to the ‘teenies’.


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