tinyinc’s sloe gin

2 month old sloe gin

Since our first batch of sloe gin in november, we harvested a few more baskets of sloes and took Mr Naylor’s advice and added a vanilla pod to an odd new bottle.

We check on them and shake them regularly.  The most noticable change since we started is the colour and it is quite beautiful.

the consistency is becoming more gloopy even though it is quite evident in some of the jars that a lot of the sugar is yet to dissolve.

Depending on whose advice you take, we could have been drinking this over the festivities but JC has insisted that we hold fire until next christmas (if we can wait!).

When we finally do get to sample it, it will be an interesting exercise.  Apart from the recipe variations mentioned at the start of this post: we have added almond essence to one recipe, used frozen and pricked sloes, frozen and squashed sloes, added sloes to vodka, used variations of sugar to sloe ratio etc etc.  In fact, each jar or bottle is a different recipe from the next.

Sampling it will make for a very intensive day of tasting and could be quite messy!

tinyinc's garage brewery

We have filled about 15 vessels that vary in capacity from 1 litre to about 3 litres that are taking quite a bit of space up in our garage.  I think we have roughly 30 litres flavouring away and should get about 15 litres of sloe gin once the fruit is strained out.

Never one to waste wantonly, I am intrigued to know what to use the sieved gin soaked fruit for, if indeed you can use it.  It does, after all seem a terrible waste of wonderfully alcohol soaked juicy fruit to just ditch it after you have your gin.

I have found a sloe truffle recipe that I am going to adapt to suit my leftovers.

It may be a while but watch this space!!!


3 thoughts on “tinyinc’s sloe gin

  1. I always do a ‘second pressing’ and put the sloes into sherry (it takes on a bit of the gin flavour). I suppose that you could do a third round in meths but I have more dignity that that – I bake with them after round two.

    Have you seen the recipe for sloejacks? They are like a boozy flapjack

  2. How many sloes did you gather? Makes my 2 litre kilner jar look like small fry.

    I am going to attempt the sherry, when i remember to buy it, but i fear we have already started on the gin. Very little sugar means you drink it much earlier.

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