glass marbles and glass jars

When we are lucky enough to have sunshine in these winter months, it shouldn’t be wasted. And snowy sunshine seems to be abundant at the moment.

The snowy sunlight makes pretty things so much easier to see and I couldn’t resist our dish of marbles!

We’ve had some marbles in a dish in the bedroom for ages that used to be mine as a kid but late this summer, we went to one of the last car boot sales of the year and bought a few more.

All well played with, as our originals were, and appropriately scarred in evidence.  The nice chap who was selling them had them in a large stemmed cut glass bowl.  As he was about to tip the marbles into my ‘handy bag‘, he decided that it would be easier to put the bowl in there too.

So, not only did we score for new additions to our marble collection, but we have also got ourselves a rather lovely cut glass jar that is perfect for taking candles or tea lights.

my free cut glass bowl

We have a small collection of  celery jars that have been used for candles and tea lights over time and their appeal had been forgotten until the cut glass jar arrived into our home and Miss Pickering, in her fabulous way, reminded us of their potential in her lovely blog (work in progress).

my favourite celery jar

These are the kind of lovely things you used to be able to pick up in charity shops and at car boot sales with alarming regularity but it is nice to be able to report that people are realising the appeal of these wonderful items.

salt bowl lit with a tea light

They are being enjoyed around the house but especially on our mantle shelf and hearth this winter.

lovely reflections

We especially love them at night.

celery jar holding a candle

What do you think?

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