by appointment

It is worth noting that whenever (And I mean this), no matter what time of day or night, you go to my darling friend V’s house you are greeted with the smell of some amazing thing that she has been cooking.  I have already mentioned a number of times that she can make a feast out of anything and is hugely generous with her efforts.

It’s slightly distracting, but very lovely, when you are talking about stuff (any stuff), to be faced with a huge plate of beautiful home made cheese straws or sweet mince pies or a huge plate of slow cooked lamb that melts in your mouth.

She does recipe testing & food shoots for publications among other intriguing foody things. She has written a bread book, an ice cream book, a vegetarian book, a book of healthy recipes and a bunch of others.

I’ve known V for quite a few years now and we became friends because 2 of our now mutual friends moved in next door to her.

You’d never know any of this if you didn’t happen upon it all by accident.

I first found out about the books when I was looking for a bread book for a friend.  Suddenly in a shop in Wroxham in Norfolk one easter, there was her name staring at me from the front cover of a bread book.  I was almost cross about it when I spoke to V.  She, very modestly, hadn’t told anyone!!!

If that had been me, I’d have been singing from the roof tops about having published even one book!

I think (no, I know) she is hugely talented.  Not only does she cook like an angel and write about it but she also makes exquisite jewellery.

Then, just when I thought I had discovered all of her talents, a tiny comment lead to the discovery that she’s quite an accomplished pearl stringer and some of the ones that she restrings every year (by appointment) belong to one of the most famous and influential women in the world and had in fact belonged to her ancestral namesake!!

Isn’t that just incredible?

Anyway, a few months ago, I did some photos for her of her beautiful, beautiful stuff.

I consider myself to be very lucky to own some of her pieces. They have been gifted to me or I have commissioned them and they are all very dear to me.

Apart from anything my wonderful husband has bought me, hers is really the only stuff I want to wear and is by far my favourite.  One of her necklaces came to our wedding!!

They are the perfect gift and can be made as commissions or bought from her endlessly lovely range of various gem mixes.  A great addition to the most impressive jewellery boxes.

My sis has some and a number of our friends now happily own them.

She already sells through the high street but is just about to launch her web presence.

Good luck V, though you don’t need luck because your stuff is glorious!


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