now the snow has gone

it’s been a chilly few weeks and a bit hard going at times.  I absolutely love the snow and so does ‘the furry one’ but I’m pleased it has gone for a while.

frozen pond

the snow may have gone, but there is still a lot of ice about and the pond remains frozen.  There is also sharp wind and a lot of rain so we haven’t quite left the cold spell just yet.

3 deer family

the deer families that cross the farm are quite elusive and don’t hang about if we do get to glimpse them.  the tracks in the snow made it incredibly easy to see where they had been.

There are well defined routes that you aren’t normally aware of and a lot more activity than you think.  Because you don’t see them often and their movements are limited to what you do see, it is amazing to notice that they also go to places you never expected.  There is no evidence of that without the tell tale tracks in the snow

lichen on the trees

how lush everything looks when you haven’t seen anything but snow for a few weeks and it does actually look like everything is starting to wake up.


It may be because of the covering of snow that has kept it all hidden from view or the dark skied sunshine of today but the vibrancy of the colour in the lichen on the trees, and the tentative new red shoots on some of the trees is so incredibly vivid.

red shoots on the weeping willow

Even the logs are showing colour in the form of these strange fleshy fungi which may be ‘Jelly Ear’ or one of the Cup fungi.  I wish I knew and had confidence in my identifying skills as Jelly Ear are edible.  The consequences of getting it wrong are all too well documented.

jelly ear

The backdrop in these parts is always pretty open and depending on the ‘mood’ of the day, it can be impressive and the colours hugely various.  Today we had sunshine but it was tempered by a very black and loaded sky.  It makes for quite dramatic contrasts.


I imagine there has been some damage from the snow and freezing temperatures but the fields are showing evidence of young healthy shoots of wheat, rapeseed and linseed and the pastures look a little less sleepy.

Soon the trees will burst with new shoots and fill in all the gaps that we can see at the moment.  How wonderful, it is starting again!

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