tools of the trade for a beginner



needle case


I have had a lot of very fun making things with my niece over the 11 years of her little life.  It usually involves sticking, cutting and lots of glitter and what she makes are always pretty and quite sophisticated for a small person.

pin cushion


she and I have tried a bit of crochetting and even a bit of knitting or pom pom making together when sticking just isn’t enough but a while ago, she expressed an interesting in learning how to sew.  We got set up with the sewing machine one day and she made herself a bag.

a beginners sewing basket


She did most of the work herself only needing help with some of the trickier aspects of using a sewing machine.

all the bits and pieces


Anyway, it just so happened that she was given a ‘make it yourself’ Hippo sewing kit at christmas.  She did really well with that too and enjoyed it so much that her mum decided, like myself, that these kinds of skills and interests need to be encouraged.

threads and wools


With this in mind and a birthday last week, her main present from her mum was a diddy john lewis starter sewing machine and she loves it!!

the cutest pink sewing machine ever


A set of the essential but basic tools are needed to really get on with the job (plus a few extra bits perhaps), so I have made a lined and soft lidded sewing basket full of goodies that is all her very own.

my new needle case


I was quite inspired when I had finished and having managed without a needle case in my own sewing box (quite bad for someone who sews all the time), I decided to make amends and throw away my scrappy little strepsil tin and make myself a proper needle case!!

neat needles



Oh and great news too, my clever little niece has got a place in the school we have all been praying she’d go to………

4 thoughts on “tools of the trade for a beginner

    • Thank you so much.

      Isn’t it the cutest. I had a go on it yesterday and it is brilliant! And my (newly added) photo doesn’t show it to its true pinkness!

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