what a winter

a very full moon

There is snow again in rural wales and different parts of northern england. The city, on the other hand,  is wet and grey.

a frozen pond

At the weekend, the farm was crisp and cold and quite beautiful. All helped by a very full moon and a very clear sky. It was bitterly cold with a northerly wind to add to the chill.

frosted grass

The verges were frosted with solid lumps for mole hills.  The puddles and the pond were all frozen.

frozen puddle

Even the running water that drains off the land into some of the largest dykes across lincolnshire was gradually freezing and as the water levels dropped, a line of crusty frozen ice crystals formed along the edge.

a frozen waters edge

It must have formed slowly (I think that is how it works!) because the crystals were large.

ice crystals

And quite beautiful!


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