tinyinc knitted tea cosies

tinyinc’s tea cosies seem to be the things that tinyinc makes that sell the best and they are certainly some of the most popular gifts I give out.

there are about 20 of them in various places around the uk including ‘the original‘ which went to toby in dorset…

managing my full time  job and still finding time for my hobbies and my efforts towards earning a country living is proving difficult to manage and I have really struggled to find time lately.

my mum has stepped into the breach and has been busy.  it is thanks to her that I have 8 new tea cosies to sell.

she finds the short winter days a bit depressing but has been happy to fill her time with a bit of colourful knitting.

I am incredibly grateful for all her hard work.

Aren’t they lovely and in the true spirit of tinyinc, each one is different and won’t have been seen before.

some of these will go onto folksy, some will go to the ‘all the fun of the fair’ and some will go to pearl barley.

I am very excited about pearl barley. It is a new tea rooms organisation that is going to do afternoon teas in the style of ‘pop up’, ‘underground’  or ‘urban’ type dining.  Their next one is on the 13th & 14th of February 2010.

It will be amazing and I am sorry I won’t be able to be there to report in full.

Tinyinc tea cosies are invited to tea there though; some will be used and will become part of pearl barley’s stock of equipment and some will be for sale.


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