the farmer’s wife

The farmer and his wife are endlessly generous with us, both in terms of the unlimited access they give us to the farm acreage but also in terms of their hospitality.  We have enjoyed endless shoots, shoot dinners and barbeques there not to mention the hours of entertainment we get walking, fishing and collecting wood.

It always feels appropriate to give thanks for this huge generosity and whether that comes in the form of jam (made from their fruit!), wine or any other kind of thank you gift.

Never one to overlook a comment or a signal for a well thought out present, the farmer’s wife once mentioned that she seems to do all the cooking and although her darling husband has tried to cook, thankfully, he kisses better than his attempts in the kitchen.

The plan to provide a slightly tongue in cheek cooking apron to illustrate this statement could not be passed.

So here it is, and I have delivered it this weekend, just in time for valentines!!!!


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