a budding maker!

On her birthday in January, I promised my niece that I would give her some sewing lessons to help her get the best out of her lovely new sewing machine.

The best way to learn anything, of course, is to ‘do it’. So we planned a day of making to practice her machine sewing.

We started by flicking through my scrap books for ideas and also through a lovely book of ‘cute stuff to make’ that my clever sister bought with days exactly like this in mind.

Mim (my niece) settled on the idea of a new PE bag so we talked it through and she decided to make it colourful with applique figures on it.

She has very eclectic taste and it makes for interest, colour and texture.  She is normally quite brave with colours but today she opted for a subtle and sophisticated cuteness.

If you are starting a project as a novice, it needs to be easy and achievable, not too daunting or complicated and not too time consuming, especially if you are an impatient 11 year old!  So we employed a bit of sticky paper to applique the figures in place and help to limit the sewing to the bag itself.  A few hand sewn french knots, running stitches and platted pink wool would be needed to finish off but all achievable  (small steps!).

I have to report that it was a resoundingly successful day and Mim did brilliantly well.  She is very hard on herself but is justifiably pleased with the results.  I love it and think she should be very proud of herself.

Not content to leave it at sewing, she made a pink candle from left over wax and food colouring (I invested in a mould and some wicks late last year and they have become invaluable).

Then we relieved the village shop of it’s supply of bourneville chocolate and made chocolate crunchies for tea!!

All round a brilliant day!!!


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