wrist warmers – done!

apologies to those of you who have seen similar images in a recent post about a bit of knitting, but I have just finished my sister’s wrist warmers.

They are exactly the same colour mix as the ones I made for my niece just after christmas and I still don’t have a pair for myself.

I have to admit to absolutely loving these colour ways and I must try to find time to make myself a pair eventually. I have enough wool left and as much as I want a pair, I’d rather the weather changed and we got some warm and sunny days instead

In the meantime, I need to design some images of fairies (including those suitable for boys)….

All my friends’ wee ones are losing their teeth!!. Because there has to be somewhere for the fairies to leave the payment for such a precious thing, I must get on making a batch of cushions for the job.  I think the count was as high as 5 wee ones yesterday!!

Must dash…….


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