tinyinc’s easter knits


it’s hard to believe that easter is nearly here.

a nest of easter chicks

It’s a bit of a surprise that easter is nearly here.

I know that winter always drags on a bit but easter seems to be coming really quickly.

The images for easter are so happy, bright and playful: chicks, lambs, daffodils etc etc

These little cream egg covers are so cute and I have four of them. We have friends coming over one weekend soon and I think their boys (william and henry) might like one each.

I particularly like the one that looks like a stroppy teenager (top photograph) with a snarling lip.

chucky egg cosies

The chocolate egg frenzy will start soon but I remember loving doing what we called ‘paste’ eggs: when you wrapped an egg in onion skins or other things that would dye it before you hard boil it  or you decorated them once they were hard boiled.

I have to say these chucky egg cosies are quite sweet but they look like chicks sitting on a loo rather than chicks sitting on  your breakfast egg  to keep it warm, but nevermind.

My favourite is the blackbird.

The frog is just plain weird!!

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