millie’s tooth fairy

millie's tooth fairy

A few of our friends wee ones are losing their gnashers at the moment.  Nothing to worry about, just the usual course of events in 5 or so year olds.

These tooth fairy cushions started when my lovely friend from ‘home’, Linda said that her pixie Jessica had a wobbly tooth.  Jessica is a sweet little thing and very girly but unlike nearly ALL other girls, her favourite colour is yellow and not pink.  Well done, I say!

I will no doubt have missed an odd tooth but her tooth fairy cushion, in the favourite yellow, will be on it’s way to her soon.  I hope it makes her rich!

In the meantime, and at about the same time Millie (who does like pink; very much) started getting wobbly teeth too so I have made her a tooth fairy cushion.

They can be hung on the end of the bed or chair or they can be popped under a pillow, whichever method suits best.  Each is customised with the wee ones name on the box that the fairy is doing her magic on and the ‘reward’ for the tooth also goes in the magic box.

Each one comes with a handful of tiny thank you notes from the fairy which mum and dad are responsible for putting in there when they make the all important payment.

I would have adored something like this as a kid.

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