I made a handful of doggerchiefs a while ago and although they were a success, I have been making other versions that are a little more flexible in the sizing.

The first ones are velcro fastened and suit specific neck sizes only.  They are very neat and work incredibly well but I have opted to try a tied version that should be flexible enough to fit within a range of neck sizes rather than just one.

The idea being that the knotting is to suit the dogs neck.  It means that I can limit the sizing to  xxs, xs, small, medium, large, XL & XXL instead of an endless number. I now only need 7 pattern templates.

I like the idea of them being reversible.

Anyway I was asked to make 2 recently.  One is for a 16′ neck of a bitch spaniel the other is a 22″ rottweiler cross (I have to see a photograph of him!!).  My brief was lilac / purple which is the gifting lady’s favourite colour du jour.  I await photos of them on their new owners.

I prefer the tying kind as it offers a jaunty little bow tie arrangement at the front while the kerchief bit is still nice to see at the back.

Poor ‘furry one’ had to do some modelling again and looks quite dashing in his own red and white spotty doggerchief.


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