tinyinc’s tooth truck

tooth truck

Not to be left out, the wee boys of our friends, like the wee girls will also start losing their gnashers at some point and since they will be quite unimpressed by anything ‘tooth fairy’, I thought perhaps a ‘tooth truck’ would be more appropriate.

The bucket of the truck is the stash for the tooth and also where the poor cash strapped parents leave the wee person’s dental earnings.

Jessica, who received a tooth fairy cushion recently is lucky enough to get £2 for her teeth and is about to negotiate £5 each for them!!!  I thought we were in recession?  We may well be but I don’t think the pixies are worried about that.

The cushions are simply the image of the truck or can be customised for each child by adding his name and made to hang on the end of a bed or the back of a chair.

Like all of the images that I design for any of the blanket or cushion blocks, the pictures or hangings, they start out as scribbles and sketches or cuttings from an image I like:-

It’s a hugely fun part of the process and I have a huge arsenal of images that are yet to be used.

I wish I had time to work my way through them all……


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