tinyinc needle cases

a collection of needle cases

when I made by niece her beginners sewing basket full of goodies, I made her a needle case with her initials on it.

I was so inspired that I made myself one which meant I had to finally abandoned the strepsil tin with my name scratched in the top that I have kept a knot of needles and threads in for as long as I have been sewing.

floral and hot pink

It has been a revelation and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to make myself one.

vanessa arbuthnet blue leaf and dark green felt

With a nice stash of various offcuts of fabric and felt, I put my hand to making a few more.  These are varied to both mine and my nieces as they have a patterned cover and felt inside rather than being completely felt.

croc skin leather and turqouise felt

They are quite cute and I am putting some of them on folksy.

turquoise and orange felt

My sis and the wonderful V have both said they would have loved the one of the beginners sewing baskets as a gift, especially when going off to university with no mum or gran around to do that all important mending and making for them.

I think I will make some baskets for beginners the same as the one I did for my niece and sell them too.


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