#2 tinyinc’s vegetable patch

tomatoes in the 'greenhouse'

I can’t tell you how exciting and satisfying it is to see things growing that you are going to also be able to enjoy eating. Especially when you made it happen yourself!

I’ve long delighted in the minor successes (and mourned the major failures) of gardening but having finally got around to growing something to eat, I can’t believe it has taken me so long to catch on.

rocket, lettuce & mixed salad

When our garden evolved the many times it has, before it turned into what it is now, it should have occurred to me to add something ‘useful’ to the list of plants out there.  We enjoy a lot of wildlife from birds, frogs, newts and the like out there because of what we have created but there is ample room for a bit of food production too.

basil in the 'greenhouse'

Anyway, we set it all up a few weeks ago with a raised vegetable bed, butlers sinks and a mini plastic greenhouse.  This weekend we have seen success with sprouting lettuce, spinach, carrots, spring onions, mixed salad, dwarf beans, another asparagus spear has appeared, there are flowers appearing on the strawberry plant and the tomato plants seem to be thriving but we have seen failure in one of the 2 rhubarb plants.

We planted 2 that had been separated from a monster rhubarb on the farm and whereas one seems to have taken wonerfully, the smaller of the two hasn’t taken at all.

dwarf beans in the 'greenhouse'

We have tried to give everything a fair chance by using egg shells to keep the greedy slugs and snails at bay, covering things in plastic trellis to protect the seeds and seedlings from our hungry bird visitors (who, I hasten to add, get better fed than us and the furry one!)


And we are diligent about watering from our water butts and we are gently removing whatever we consider to be weeds (and leaving what we are unsure about just in case), so we are hopeful to be reporting a feast of warm salads this summer.

My sister is in the process of moving house and the wonderful, wonderful place she is moving to has been looked after very well by a retired gentleman with a passion for vegetable gardening.  If my ‘greenhouse’ plugs are a success and the raised veg bed continues to sprout as well as it has started, I am going to transplant some of the surplus into her well tended soil and hope that she can enjoy some ‘home grown’ seasonal produce too.

She has lots of room and is planning to plant fruit trees.  I feel a surplus produce swap coming on…

flower heads appearing on the strawberry plant

It’s incredibly exciting and I know I  am soooooo behind everyone else but I really love it.



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